Windows 10 Upgrade – How’d We Get Here

Recently hired for another Windows 10 project, the Windows marketplace remains true to its last minute upgrade reputation.

Maybe it’s just humans, too many other tasks that are put in front, issues that are more critical than an End of Life for your operation systems, who knows.

In the end, an urgent status is created the longer a company waits as an upgrade can involve a custom image, certification on several PC’s, the QA process, a couple-three pilots, security input, a solid file distribution process, and other necessary pieces to your Windows 10 upgrade process

I took my mom to the doctor recently an noticed one of their PC’s was still on XP.  I know from many seminars and conferences that in the medical field, vendors for which use a Windows OS to control medical devices are often the holdup regarding upgrades.

Computers are so common place and familiar and work without many flaws or fanfare, we can take the steady state as consumers and business professionals for granted.

Hence, an opportunity for project management professionals.  It would be wise to research application upgrade for not just Windows but Oracle, Salesforce, and other products including hardware.

If you have any experience or interest, review you notes and experiences on migration, data massage, parallel processing, and upgrades.  Use these in your search terms for new jobs and inquire when you interview about that company’s upgrade plans.

You may be the hero for a timely task.