Windows 10 Upgrade – Lockdown Considerations

In my experience, companies tend to either let their employees have all access all the time to their computer or lock it down so you need a help desk ticket to change the colors.

Increasingly, because of cyber threats of hackers taking over PC’s, more and more firms are locking down their systems.

This not only includes disallowing alteration of the PC but also Microsoft’s numerous invitation to download application from the Microsoft Store.

We know a user’s access to REGEDIT or having an ability to tweak Services can cause issues but you may also look at search results from Cortana and File Explorer.

In addition, SharePoint and OneDrive access also roll out the red carpet for updating settings, creating and downloading applications.

For a professional or IT oriented office, this may not be a problem.  It also would not be an issue for mature and focused workforce.

But for those who like to tinker and yet have not figured out how not to destroy their PC, it can be a nightmare for support and a worthwhile endeavor to do the discovery.