Project Rescue – Hijack/Education

Just when you thought you had everything worked out, here comes Mr/Ms big idea.  Often, it is someone who is either not computer savvy, as in doesn’t use one much, or holds a PhD IT scientist certificate in their mind.

Changing your planned work, after all of your meetings, collaborations, accommodations, and compromises for multiple teams is beyond frustrating.  Let’s explore what you can do when this happens:

  • Educate – this is the easiest encounter as the person upending your schedule, resources, or scope reverses their request upon further understanding of your project.  You must discuss to determine if there is a gap or apples to oranges misunderstanding.
    • Pace of execution/implementation
    • Location
    • Audience
    • Cost
    • Impact

They may not have received all the information or have partial knowledge of a detail.  Ensure they are on your communication schedule and meet with them to go over the project to increase their comfort level.